St. Raphael Faith Formation

At St. Raphael Parish we offer a variety of options for faith formation to best suit the needs and learning styles of our youth. Regardless of which option youth attend, the core content and curriculum is the same for each grade level. 

Sacrament information: Confirmation & 1st Sacraments

During the 2nd grade year and 11th grade year we spend a majority of the year preparing youth for the Sacraments. Extra material, meetings, and learning experiences are incorporated into the 2nd and 11th grade curriculum to best prepare students to receive the sacraments. During these years, all students attend faith formation in the Parish or School to help prepare and journey in faith as a community. For more information about the Sacrament years, please see below: 

Catechists & Volunteers

We have a dedicated staff of volunteer catechists, many who are professional ministers or teachers. Being a catechist involves a great deal of time in class preparation and care. Most of our catechists have been sharing their faith for years in formal and informal settings. Many have received continuing education to improve their skills as well as using their own life experiences to teach about life with Christ and the churches traditions. Our catechists and volunteers lead by examples and are some of the most active people in our parish and community. We are truly blessed by the fine leaders that we have at St. Raphael’s Church. Please pray for our catechists and volunteers as we love our young people to faith in Christ.

Interested in volunteering with St. Raphael Faith Formation? Give us a call 507-723-4138, or email Erin Hauth for more information.

NOTE: All catechists and volunteers must complete VIRTUS Safe Environment training as well as fill out a background check and other necessary forms. All active adults will participated in a VIRTUS program as directed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and our local Diocese of New Ulm as we continue to make our children and world safer.