Faith Formation 7th - 11th Grade

Our Faith Formation for 7-11th Grade meets on Sunday nights at 6:45-8:15pm. They typically gather in the gym, and then meet in their individual grade classroom at 6:45pm, and then close the evening in the large group. During the large group session, we have announcements, a Question of the Week, Saint of the Week, prayer, short videos, and activities varying based on the week.

At the beginning of the year, students write down questions about the faith they have and they are answered throughout the year, one question each week. A few examples: What is Purgatory? Why were there 12 disciples? It is just to kill for your faith? Along with the question of the week, we have a saint of the week to familiarize the students more with the life of the Saints and the heroes of our Church.

Depending on the week and time of year, we also have other activities such as: Reconciliation, the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, etc. And a few Sundays we will have people come in and give short talks about different aspects of our faith life and the church. The youth 7-11th Grade are also invited to attend youth group nights, announced monthly.

Class Content

The 7/8th Grade class cycles through different material every other year. They will study Theology of the Body for Middle School, the Mass, and the Bible as their main source content, adding in various other topics and activities.

The 9th Grade class uses the Chosen: Faith Formation journey as their textbook, diving deeper into the Catholic Church's teachings and deeper into the meaning behind what we believe as Catholics. 

The 10th Grade class's main source of content is a program called You, that is based on Pope John Paul II's teaching on Theology of the Body, vocations, and our call to holiness in all we do and say. 

The 11th Grade spends the year focusing on preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, and really beginning on understanding the 'whys' behind the 'what' we believe as Catholics. This will not only prepare them to receive the Holy Spirit in Cofirmation, but to transition into a full, active member of the Catholic Church.