Vine & Branches Faith Formation

Vine & Branches Area Faith Formation works as an Area Faith Community, and as individual Parishes of St. Joseph in Lamberton and St. Raphael in Springfield. As an area community we work together in the following areas or events: 


In our Area Faith Community preparation for the 1st Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist take place in individual Parishes, although we use the same materials and share resources for preparation. The celebration of 1st Sacraments takes place during the 2nd grade year, with Reconciliation typically in January and 1st Eucharist the last Sunday in April. 

During the 11th grade year, students start their formal preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. As an Area Community, preparation classes take place in individual Parishes, but final Preparations in the Fall of the 12th grade year take place as an Area Community. Typically Confirmation for all Area Youth is the last Sunday of September at St. Raphael Parish. 

For Marriage and Baptism please contact Father Phil Schotzko at 507-723-4141.


The RCIA family for the Vine and Branches Area Faith Community is a comprehensive program of study and experience for those interested in becoming Catholic or seeking more understanding of those who practice the Roman Catholic faith. In the last few years, the program has grown from single students to a small group gathering time.

In offering individual care for specific needs, we have created a positive atmosphere for learning and understanding. We use a variety of resources, including the Holy Scriptures as our guide. Practicing different forms of prayer and sharing life stories, we have a dynamic team of facilitators with a variety of backgrounds to teach a strong foundation. We welcome anyone to begin the process of looking at and considering the teachings of the Catholic Church. 


If you would like more information on Faith Formation, Sacraments, RCIA, or Youth Ministry please contact Anne Goedtke the Faith Formation office at 507-723-4138.