PreK-6th Grade Faith Formation

Our youth for PreK to 6th grade have three options for faith formation: St. Raphael School, Traditional Classes, or Atrium. Those who attend St. Raphael School do not need to attend additional faith formation classes. The Traditional classes are held Wednesday from 3:30pm-5pm for grades K-6th.

Those who choose atrium will attend based on their grade: grades 4-6th Monday 3:30pm-5pm, grades 1-3 Wednesday 3:30-5pm, and ages 2 ½ to Kindergarten Thursday 3:30-4:30pm.


Our traditional classes are broken into groups by grade and student numbers: K/1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3/4th grade, and 5/6th grade. All meet on Wednesday afternoons in the gathering space, have time to go to the park or gym to play, eat snack as a large group in the basement, and then head to their classrooms.

The K-1st Grade begins by learning the basics of our faith and how to begin a relationship with God. The class uses the Image of God textbook for K/1st grade and also uses hands on supplements that are age appropriate to aid in the learning of our faith.

The 2nd Grade class expands upon the K/1st materials and also focuses on preparing for the sacraments of 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion. The textbook we use is the 2nd grade Image of God book, along with supplements of the basic prayers and beliefs of the Catholic faith.

 The 3rd-6th Grade classes are broken down further based on the number of students in each class; all the grades use the age appropriate Image of God book, building upon previous years’ knowledge. These grades also incorporate learning about the Bible and supplements of the basics of the Catholic Faith.